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Why does Electricity Need to be Grounded?

Electricity is a necessity since homeowners can’t power their devices, heat or cool their home, or have light without it. It is also a powerful resource and can be dangerous if it is not used and installed correctly. Always work with an electrician in Potomac any time you need to have electricity installed, fixed, or checked for maintenance or other issues. One thing that is a must with electricity is that it needs to be grounded.

Why Grounding?

Electricity often travels into the ground because of the positive charges that exist there. Properly grounded electricity in a home is a safety element. It will protect the property and those who live there from dangerous electrical charges that could exist otherwise. Sometimes, wires can be exposed to too much electricity during a storm. It could pose a serious threat if it is not properly grounded.

Grounding Wires

Ground wires will help to reduce fire hazards and serious injury. When those wires are entrenched in the earth outside the home, but connected to the electrical panels, they can absorb the excess charges that might hit the home and keep it from getting inside. They can also act as surge protectors so your items inside aren’t damaged.

Improper Grounding Dangers

If your electricity isn’t grounded properly, your family is at risk for electrocution and appliances could fry easily. There could also be electrical fires at any time and those spread quickly. They are also not something you will want to fight with simple water–they are challenging to douse.

Stay Grounded For Safety’s Sake

You need to have all of your electrical components properly grounded in order to maintain a safe home. Many older homes are missing critical safeguards and it’s best to get a licensed, trained electrician to check things over with an inspection and assessment.

Finding An Electrician in Potomac

When you are ready for an inspection or know you need repairs or grounding help, contact NJ Electric service for a professional electrician in Potomac. You need to make sure your family is safe, as is your residence. Call for a free estimate and assessment and you can go from there.

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