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What You Should Know About Your Ceiling Fans this Summer

Having a ceiling fan in the summer will maintain a cool temperature while not using a lot of energy. A residential electrician near Bowie advises setting the blades of your fan to spin in a counterclockwise direction. Doing so ensures the air is pushed downward and forms a cool breeze as the blades are spinning around. Ceiling fans used in this way decrease the necessity to use the air conditioner all day long.

Important Information Electricians want You to Know About Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fan is looking wobbly, there is a chance it might disconnect and fall from the ceiling. Electricians state that this is a common issue with ceiling fans. The primary reason for a wobbly ceiling fan are:

  • Poor quality of fan
  • It was initially installed wrong
  • The blades are damaged
  • A loose or bent connection

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Fans

Customer frequently calls electricians with questions about their ceiling fans. Below are some common questions customers ask an electrician in Bowie, MD, and his answers.

Why causes my ceiling fan to make a humming sound?

The vibration from the motor could be the reason for that humming sound your ceiling fan makes. Additionally, there might be issues with the wiring or loose screws, or you might need to have it lubricated.

Do I need to buy a new ceiling fan because it isn’t working?

There is no reason to go out and purchase a new ceiling fan right away. Do a little troubleshooting first. Verify whether your circuit breaker is tripped on your electrical panel. However, if everything looks good here, and it still isn’t working, call a residential election near Bowie, MD. The professionals there will be able to figure out what the issue is and put in your new fan.

Call NJ Electric Service for a Residential Electrician near Bowie MD

If you are looking for a residential electrician near Bowie, MD call NJ Electric Service. We are professional electricians licensed for both commercial and residential sites. When you have questions about electronic devices give us a call.  Contact us today, we are a residential electrician near Bowie who can help!

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