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Top Reasons to Avoid DIY Electrical Work and Hire a Licensed Residential Electrician Instead

Looking for a licensed residential electrician in Bowie? Are you a homeowner who is trying to decide if you should embark on DIY electrical project, or hire an electrician instead? Ask any homeowner who plans to install a new fuse box, replace old light switches or completely rewire their home why they are doing it themselves and you’ll likely receive the same answer: “It’s cheaper than hiring a licensed residential electrician.”

Why is DIY Electrical Work So Popular?

If you look online for tutorials on how to do work on your home you’ll be inundated with options. From rewiring your electrical sockets, to installing a ceiling fan, there are endless how-to videos available. Many homeowners think that because these videos are available they should take on these projects themselves. While some tasks are easily completed with the help of a how-to guide, the majority of electrical projects are unsafe to take on without the help of a residential electrician.

Downfalls of DIY Electrical Work – Hire a Licensed Residential Electrician Instead

Saving money might be a tempting benefit but when homeowners do their own electric work based on instructions they’ve read on a DIY website, here is what happens:

From the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)

  • Consumer products cause 70+ electrocutions per year (examples of products include power tools, electrical tools and wiring)
  • An estimated 400 electrocutions occur every year in the U.S. Electrocutions often involve unlicensed individuals working on electrical projects
  • Fourteen percent of deaths attributed to electrocutions involve contact with exposed/damaged wiring and household wiring
  • The leading cause of residential fires in the U.S. is electrical malfunctions

DIYers on the Internet might make it look easy to rewire your home’s electrical system or perform any kind of electrical work but don’t take a chance with injuring yourself or starting a fire. Call a licensed residential electrician in Bowie, or the surrounding areas, to help you with your project.

Call on Your Licensed Residential Electrician in Bowie for Help With Your Next Project

When a qualified electrician is on the job you can be rest assured the it will be done right the first time and that it complies with all safety codes. Residential electricians are licensed, insured, and have experience with home projects. Though DIY projects have the promising goal of saving money, hiring an electrician will help you save money in the long run because projects will be done correctly the first time.

Whether you need installation of light fixtures, new wiring or any kind of electrical component, a new ceiling fan, or any electrical upgrade in your home, play it safe and avoid unnecessary future costs by getting in touch with NJ Electric Services today.

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