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The Most Important Electrical Safety Lessons for Kids

Children are curious creatures. They love to explore and touch everything. This is great, but can be hazardous. Especially around electricity. But you can prevent injuries and tragedies by teaching children about the dangers of electricity.  In this article an Electrician near Silver Spring Maryland discusses how to teach kids about Electrical saftey.

How To Teach Children About Electrical Safety

There are a number of ways to teach children about electrical safety. These include:

Electrical Safety Videos

Watching electrical safety videos with your child/children is a a great way to teach them. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and other sites that teach children about electrical safety. Watching them together will allow you to answer any questions they may have.

Online Guides and Games

Kids love to play online games. There are online games that teach electrical safety that entertain while teaching important lessons. Play them with your children for a fun way to learn. There are also online guides designed to teach children about electrical safety.

Read Books Together

Reading books about electrical safety together is another great way to teach your children. You’ll be spending quality time with your kids and you’ll be able to instill knowledge that will keep them safe.

Set Up Electrical Safety Rules

This is a great way to reinforce the lessons from the books and videos. Setting up safety rules in a way children can understand will keep them safe and they’ll have safety rules they’ll follow all their lives.

  1. Don’t put fingers or objects in outlets.
  2. Don’t use any electric appliances or devices with wet hands or near water.
  3. Don’t overload or plug too many things into one plug, power strip or extension cord.
  4. Don’t yank cords when unplugging them. Unplug them at the outlet.
  5. Stay away from outdoor transformer boxes.
  6. Ask an adult for help when using an electrical appliance.
  7. Stay away from electrical substations.
  8. Heed the warning signs on substations and other power company installations.
  9. Don’t fly a kite or drone near power lines.
  10. Avoid contact with power lines or anything touching them. Teach them to get help and to call 9-1-1.

If you have young children, install plastic outlet covers in all outlets. Children love to poke their fingers in things and this will avoid any injuries. Make sure electrical appliances are out of reach of children.

Need Further Help? Contact an Electrician Near Silver Spring

If you need any help with electrical safety, contact the pros at NJ Electric Service. Their friendly and professional staff will be glad to help you keep your home safe for your children. For further information, contact them at NJ Electric Service – Contact Us

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