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Metal vs Plastic Electrical Box: What’s the Difference?

One aspect of your home electrical system you may have never considered is the material of your electrical box. Plastic or metal? Is there a difference? Here is what you should know about these options and what to consider when choosing which is right for your home. And if you need a residential electrician near Washington DC for maintenance or repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to NJ Electrical Services.

The Purpose of Electrical Boxes from an Electrician in Washington DC

An electrical box is needed in every home or building’s electrical system. Inside of them is the house wiring connections like outlets and fixtures, transition wires, and switches which enable easy access. They protect the wires and cables from short circuits, external damage, and other issues that may lead to a fire. While metal boxes were the most common, the introduction of the easy installation of plastic electrical boxes has been catching peoples’ eye.

Advantages of Plastic Electrical Boxes

Plastic electrical boxes are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride and are ideal for residential applications. They’re affordable, lightweight, and do not require grounding which takes a lot of time. PVC doesn’t conduct electricity but melts when subjected to extremely high temperatures. A disadvantage to a plastic electrical box is that they crack under pressure and can melt from overheating.

Advantages of Metal Electrical Boxes

Metal electrical boxes are strong, fireproof, do not warp, crack, or bend and provide top-notch security for electrical wiring applications. There are frequent building codes that require metal boxes due to their superior performance and durability. If there’s a metal-sheathed cable or metal conduit running in and out of the box, it’s mandatory to use a metal electrical box. If you’re interested in switching to a plastic box, you can do so if non-metallic cables come in and out of the box.

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