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Lighting Tips for Tricky Spaces

There are some spaces in a home that are simply hard to light. Areas like basements or home offices can be tricky and they all have their specific needs and challenges. The right lighting can bring an otherwise dark space to life. Brainstorm some options and consider these ideas from an electrician near Silver Spring to find the right fit.

Remember the Needs in the Space

Before you start lighting randomly, it’s a good idea to think about how the space functions. In the basement, you might not need light by which to read, but you do need light so your family can play games or so you can entertain guests around the pool table you have. The needs in that particular space are going to inform you of what lighting types you should get.

Popular Light Fixtures

There are plenty of lights to consider for tricky spaces. Some of the most popular include:

Recessed lighting

Basements often have low ceilings and you don’t want anything else hanging down and in the way. Recessed lighting is placed right into the ceiling to light things up without getting in the way.

Track lights

Track lighting can be handy in a variety of spaces, like an office. You can direct the light in different ways to light different parts of the room without getting a glare on your computer screen.

Pendant lights

For a space that needs some added style and has the location for it, pendant lights can give you focused task lighting in certain areas.

Window Lighting

Even if the basement or office doesn’t have a window, there are ways to create realistic-looking window renditions with lights that can bring the space together with an optical lighting illusion.

Find An Electrician Near Silver Spring

If you are ready to take your lighting needs and put them together with the right lights, find an electrician near Silver Spring to help you with the details. Once you know what you want, they can install it for you and give you the results you desire. Contact NJ Electric Services for a residential electrician. We also have plenty of ideas as to how you can light tricky spaces in just the right ways.

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