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How will having an Electric Car affect my Energy Bill?

Electric cars are becoming more popular and if you are thinking about making the switch, you will want to consider what that vehicle is going to do to your energy bill. You always want a lower energy bill, right? You can always call an electrician in Potomac to get more information on those options.

Ways to Charge

There are different ways to charge electrical vehicles and that will impact the energy that is being used. Level 1 charging uses a standard 120-volt charging method. It does take longer, but doesn’t require special equipment. Level 2 charging, on the other hand, is faster and uses 240-volt circuits. You will have to have a dedicated EV charging station.

Energy Bill Additions

Having an electric vehicle that you charge on a regular basis is going to add to your electrical bill. The cost will vary, however, and depends on a lot of things. The vehicle itself is a big factor. Some are more efficient than others and drive farther on one charge. Those that are the most efficient won’t add to your bills as much. Your driving needs are another factor. The more often you have to drive, the more often you have to charge, which will add to your bills faster.

Gas Offsets

When you look into the details and consider the costs of energy bills that might rise, you also need to consider the idea that you aren’t going to be paying for gas for your vehicle any longer. Anything your energy bills add to your budget, you may be saving on the other side by not buying gas.

Rising Energy Costs

One problem you might have moving forward is the rising cost of energy. You know that your energy bills are on the rise just because of rising costs and adding an electric vehicle to it might feel like a risk.

Call An Electrician in Potomac

It’s hard to make the decision, but if you need some help with what the electrical outlets in your house can do, or installing an EV station, call an electrician in Potomac to have an assessment, get some questions answered, and have a free estimate done for any work you are considering. The professionals at NJ Electric Services are here to help.

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