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How Can You Stay Safe from Electrical Hazards During A Storm

Large storms can cause all kinds of issues, including fallen trees and powerlines, flooding, and much more. Here are our top tips for staying safe and avoiding electrical hazards during a storm. And if you need a residential electrician Potomac to help you with the electrical hazards the storm created, NJ Electric Services has you covered.

How to Stay Safe – Power Lines, Flooded Areas, Wet Equipment

If you encounter a downed power line, shuffle 10 feet away from it in small steps. If you’re driving a car, do not drive over downed power lines. Do not use your washer, dryer, or other electrical appliances that have dried after a flood without having them inspected by a professional first. Flooded outside areas can be dangerous between downed power lines and submerged outlets from neighboring homes. If your home wasn’t flooded, but the electrical equipment got wet, do not touch it.

Potential Hazards to Look Out For After A Storm

Backfed power lines, flooded basements, and water-damaged electrical equipment, and overcurrent protective devices are what you need to look out for. Though highly discouraged and illegal in some areas, some homeowners connect generators to an electrical outlet in their home. This is known to cause current to back feed to the utility which creates an electrocution hazard for those repairing downed lines. Even if there’s no power, flooded basements are an electrocution hazard. Flooding damages overcurrent protective devices and circuit breakers which causes them to trip. A flooded basement without breaker protection can potentially be electrified. If you have a carpeted basement, it’s important to know that wet carpet can be as electrically conductive as a puddle of water. If your electrical equipment is wet, you must have it inspected by a residential electrician before using it. Flood water carries debris, chemicals, pollutants, and sewage with it. These contaminants corrode and damage insulated wiring. Any fuses, GCFIs, breakers, or SPDs that were submerged in water need to be replaced.


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