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Get Help from a Residential Electrician to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Do you live in Washington, DC, or the surrounding areas, and are looking for a residential electrician to provide you with energy-saving tips for summer? The EPA estimates that on average, Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. During summer, there’s a high demand for cooling, especially with the kids at home. Therefore, you may find yourself having huge energy bills for your home but you can curb this by implementing energy-saving tips and upgrading your electrical appliances. If you are in search of a qualified residential electrician near you, turn to NJ Electric Service.

Tips to Curb Your Electric Bill With Help from Your Licensed Residential Electrician

Audit your home energy
It may suit you to have a professional evaluate the energy efficiency of your home before embarking on upgrading your cooling appliances. This will help you prioritize and upgrade AC units that use up a lot of energy.

Install window-unit ACs
Homeowners tend to go the traditional way and install central AC units but if this is too big of a project you can consider window units for your home. A benefit of window AC units is that you can install them in specific parts of the house that you spend most of your time in. That means, if you only need cooling during the night, you can install only one window AC unit in your bedroom and cut down the energy costs of cooling the entire house.

AC Size determination
If you plan on purchasing a new central AC unit during summer, factor in size. A high capacity AC unit can increase your energy bills while a very small one will overwork and end up escalating the electricity costs. To purchase the right size AC unit, a professional can measure the area of the room that needs cooling to find the BTU capacity you require.

Ceiling fans installation
On a hot sunny day, a ceiling fan can keep you fairly comfortable. If you keep it running in a counterclockwise motion, it will create a windy effect and optimize cooling so you won’t need to run your AC as much. Your AC probably uses more energy than a ceiling fan would, therefore decreasing its use will cut down costs.

Start Your Energy Savings Today – Get in Touch with a Reliable, Residential Electrician in Washington DC

A residential electrician is the one to call if you want to audit your home energy or upgrade your appliances. Contact NJ Electric Services and one of our residential electricians can give you an estimate for your home’s specific needs.

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