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Fuse Vs Circuit Breaker: What’s the Difference?

Most people think of fuses and circuit breakers as being one and the same. In fact, this is still a very common occurrence, even for seasoned homeowners. Although there are some similarities between the two, it is critical to understand that they are separate entities and are very different. As a Residential Electrician Potomac, we will look at some key differences should give you a much better idea as to how they are different in terms of the functions that each of them serves.

Fuses Vs. Circuit Breakers: What’s the Difference?

Fuses and circuit breakers are both used to keep the electricity flowing inside your home. Their job is to supply you with electricity when you need it to run your home. And they both have the critical and unfortunate task of interrupting that flow during an outage or other natural disaster. They serve the same function but use different methods to perform that function.

Unlike circuits, fuses are comprised of a strong metal that melts when the fuse gets overheated. When your power goes out due to a sudden surge, you will need to have your fuses replaced since they will be deemed unsafe and ineffective. When doing so, you should contact an electrician near Potomac as soon as possible.

Are Fuses and Circuit Breakers the Same or Different?

Fuses may be able to shut off your power much faster, but they’re not as simple to use as the modern circuit breaker. A circuit breaker does interrupt power to guard against any damages that can result from a major power surge. However, they are far more practical and simple to handle once the surge settles down. All you need to do is simply reset the circuit breaker by flipping the switches and you should have your power back on in a manner of seconds.

Most people typically prefer fuses over circuit breakers due to the fact that they can intercept power a lot faster than circuit breakers. This can make sense, especially with mobile devices, as they need more protection during a surge. But replacing burnt-out fuses can be tricky, especially if you choose one that has the wrong level of voltage. Getting an electrician Potomac may be your best solution when you need to replace old fuses.

Circuit breakers are simple because you don’t have to replace them. The only drawback is that they are slow to respond during a major power surge. Although this is rare, your devices could suffer the impact of the damage. However, circuit breakers are still considered much safer than fuses because they won’t burn or cause other damage. But if anything happens to them, they will need to be replaced, and it’s best when done by an electrician.

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