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What You Should Do During a Power Outage This Summer

Summer is now officially here which means cocktails on the patio after the sun sets and the sweet smells of perennials filling the air. Unfortunately, it also means that from time to time summer storms will pass through that may result in power outages. There is no way to prevent a power outage that results from Mother Nature’s strong winds, but it’s not a bad idea to have the phone number of a residential electrician near Bowie on hand just in case.

Prepare for the Inevitable

While Bowie doesn’t get hit by tornados or extreme weather on a regular basis, from time to time severe thunderstorms and hurricane winds do come through. With that in mind, outside of having the number of an electrician Bowie in your phone, you need to make sure you prepare yourself ahead of time for the day when you do lose power. It’s a good idea for every Bowie homeowner to have an emergency kit stowed away in a safe location in their home. In addition, any time the weather looks severe outside it’s a good idea to make sure all your devices are on charge because you never know when the power will flicker. An extra power bank is also a good idea to squeeze into your first aid kit.

Electrical Outages from Heat

Sometimes it’s not severe weather, but the heat that causes an electrical outage. One of the most common reasons that people end up with a blackout in their home and require the services of a residential electrician near Bowie is because they overrun their AC system. Your HVAC system draws a lot of power, and if it isn’t running properly or is cycling frequently then you may end up in a blackout with no cool air.

How to Trap Cool Air In Your Home During a Blackout

Whether the power is out because of severe weather or an overheated AC, you need to do your best to trap the cool air you have in your home. Keep all of the doors and your windows tightly closed and cover your windows to help prevent leakage. Find a cool spot in your home like the basement if possible, and stay hydrated while you wait for the power to come back on. If you suspect that the outage has caused damage within your home from a power surge then you need to call a residential electrician in Bowie to investigate. NJ Electric Services helps customers all over Maryland with their electrical issues. If you find yourself sitting in the dark, contact us immediately so we can send an electrician Bowie out to your home.

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