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Electrical Tips You Should Know if you Work From Home

While you might love working from home, you might also miss the energy savings you could rack up when you were away from the house all day. No one was around to turn the lights on and off. You set the thermostat at a different temperature to save money because no one was there and so on. But now that you are at home, electrical safety and energy savings are important. Here are a few tips electrician Washington DC want you to know.

Avoid Cord Injuries

You want to be sure you don’t run cords from your laptop to the couch across the room where you or anyone else in the house could trip over it. Avoid tripping hazards at all times and find a better way to run the cords.

Cover Outlets

If you are working at home and there are children around, make sure outlets they could access are covered so they aren’t able to stick their fingers, forks, or anything else into them.

Designated Computer Circuit

You might want to have a dedicated computer circuit for your office so you can create energy savings for the rest of the house. Also, when your laptop is fully charged, don’t leave it plugged in as that is not good on the battery and uses energy that doesn’t need to be used.

Stay In One Room

It’s easy to move from room to room to work if you have a laptop, but set up a dedicated workspace and limit the power you are using in other rooms since you will be staying in that one room. It can be easier to get to work and concentrate when you are in one space as well.

Use Natural Lighting

You might not need the overhead lights on all day if you open the window shades and let the natural light flood in. It might help you to get more work done and feel productive and warm as well.

Electrician Washington DC Has Tips

If you want more ideas and tips as to how you can safely save energy when you work from home, the professionals at NJ Electric Services are happy to help with a free consultation that can give you ideas for beneficial changes you could make.

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