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Electrical Safety Tips for Summer

As we enter the summer, there are many new electrical safety concerns to keep in mind! During this time more electricity is required to cool down our homes, hence it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers posed by electricity.  Statistics indicate that 33,500 home injuries are caused by A/Cs, fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifiers, and heat pumps, while 7,400 home fires result from A/Cs or related equipment, causing roughly $200 million in property damage. It’s important to have a licensed electrician in Bowie handle any electrical work in your home, whether indoor or outdoor, to avoid such risks.

Outdoor Hazards
Summer is a time to have fun. Nothing is refreshing like lounging by the pool on a hot sunny day. But during this season, it’s essential to be smart with your electrical system now that you spend the most time outdoors.

This implies spending more time around water and your outdoor electrical equipment, hence needing a residential electrician in Bowie to ensure proper safety measures are adhered to. Outdoor hazards to be aware of also include power lines and summer storms.

Indoor Hazards
Some summer days are hot and sticky; therefore, most individuals prefer to stay indoors in the refreshing air conditioning. Still, electrical disasters could strike if they are not prepared. Hazards inside the home may occur when electrical appliances or outlets are affected by water in the summer.

Safety tips for avoiding or addressing Indoor and Outdoor Hazards from your Electrician In Bowie

1. Outdoor tips

  • Avoid getting airborne toys, kites, or model aircraft stuck in power lines. It’s best to play with such toys in wide-open spaces such as parks or fields far away from power lines.
  • Always watch the weather. With almost 100 people dying annually and 500 being severely injured due to lightning strikes, it’s important to go indoors when a thunderstorm is approaching.

2. Indoor Tips

  • You should avoid keeping electrical toys and appliances near water sources such as sinks, pools, sprinkler systems, and bathtubs,
  • During an emergency, always know where the circuit breakers and safely turn them off before calling a residential electrician in Bowie.
  • Avoid plugging appliances that have frayed or damaged cords.

Make It A Safe Summer With Electrician Bowie
It’s essential to take proactive steps to ensure you and your family are safe during summer. And if you have questions about identifying electrical hazards in your home or on your property, don’t hesitate to an Electrician in Bowie a call.

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