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Electrical Safety for Halloween

Halloween is full of spooky thrills and fearful treats. While you should be screaming just a little if you are having fun, you should never have to worry about the risk of actual injury. This is why it is important to talk to a an electrician if you are worried about any type of electrical issue while you are setting up your decorations. Just like Christmas decorations, sometimes indoor and outdoor decorations bring up safety issues that are best discussed with a residential electrician near Washington DC. Here are just a few things to consider to keep your family safe during Halloween.

Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween

Every year Americans spend about three billion on their Halloween decorations, making it the most expensive holiday following Christmas. Many of those decorations rely on plug-in power to operate, which is why they can potentially be a fire hazard or, at the very least the cause of a very spooky shock. An electrician, is the best source of help if you are worried that your decorations might not be up to par.

To protect yourself, remember to read all labels before placing decorations outdoors and ensure that they are rated properly for outdoor use. Remember that even electrical cords and items rated for outdoor use should not be placed in any pooling water. Also, any residential electrician near Washington DC will remind you to always check cords for fraying or other signs of damage and keep cords off walkways, so they do not become trip hazards.

Trick-Or-Treat Safety

When you are actually out trick or treating, pay attention to holiday decor as you approach a home to stay safe. Avoid any cords that are running through water, and pay attention not to trip on any wiring. You can’t control how other people decorate, but you can keep yourself safe.

Contact a Residential Electrician In Washington DC With Any Questions

If you are worried that your home Halloween decorations might not be safe, contact a residential electrician in Washington DC for a consult or a repair. NJ Electric Services is an excellent residential electrician near Washington DC with years of experience. Contact us today to talk more about your Halloween decor safety.

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