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Does Your Home Need an Electrical Inspection?

The only time we usually think about our home’s electrical system is when something doesn’t work as it should. A switch doesn’t turn on the overhead light, or an appliance doesn’t turn on when plugged in. While the cause is usually burned-out bulbs or worn-out appliances, the issue could be with your home’s electrical system. The issue can be even more complicated in older homes. When should a home get an electrical inspection?  NJ Electrical Services, a top electrician in Silver Spring Maryland, can provide a quality inspection for your home.

When to Get an Electrical Inspection

It’s important to know when to call for an electrical inspection. Here are some reasons for contacting a licensed electrician to conduct an inspection:

  1. Instead of a breaker box, your home has a fuse box. Both work by cutting the electrical current when the circuit overloads, but with a fuse box, the fuse has to be replaced before electricity can be restored to the outlet or switch.
  2. The wiring is not sufficient to run modern appliances. Wiring such as knob and tube wiring, common in the 1950s, cannot run our modern lives.
  3. Wiring is aluminum instead of copper. Aluminum wiring increases the risks of fire.
  4. Circuit breakers are constantly kicking off. If you notice that your circuit breakers are kicking off a lot, that is an indication you need an electrician to assess your home’s wiring needs.
  5. Outlets in your home have two prongs instead of three. The two-prong outlets do not allow for grounding which can increase fire risk.
  6. Special outlets for certain appliances are not installed in your home.

During the Inspection

During the inspection, the licensed electricians from NJ Electric Services will check the following:

  1. Light switches and outlets.
  2. Electrocution hazards will be identified.
  3. Circuits will be checked to make sure they are working properly.
  4. Security lighting and safety will be assessed.
  5. Smoke detectors will be checked to make sure they are working properly.
  6. Your breaker box or fuse box will be inspected.
  7. Outdoor electrical components will be checked.

Finding an Electrician in Silver Spring Maryland

If you need an electrical inspection for your home, contact the professionals at NJ Electric Services, a premier electrician in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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