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Preparing your Electrical Systems for Winter

As summer fades, fall and winter approach bringing cooler air. As you switch from your summer wardrobe to your winter wardrobe, you also need to prepare your home’s electrical system for winter. Consider hiring Bowie electricians and use these tips to help you prevent fires and other possible damage to your home.

Locating the Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel, circuit breaker, or fuse box, can be located inside or outside your home. The electrical panel is a metal box that features a metal door. The metal door protects the fuses or breakers. Electrical panels are often located in the storage room, basement, hallway, or utility room.

If the electrical panel is located outside of your home, look beside the meter box for the panel. Once you find the electrical panel, you need to determine if you have a circuit breaker or fuse box. Your home has a circuit breaker box if you see multiple rows of switches when you open the metal door. If you notice round fuses that screw into sockets, you have a fuse box.

Common Electrical Problems During the Winter

Tripping Breakers

Winter is the season of many holidays. During the holidays, people enjoy gatherings and using holiday lighting, extension cords, and an abundance of electricity. Using a lot of electricity can trip a breaker. You may notice flickering lights and frequent power outages. The excessive use of extension cords for long periods increases your risk of a fire.

Power Outages

Winter can be the culprit of unfavorable weather, such as snow, ice, hail, and rain. A home that is not prepared for winter is susceptible to weather-related power outages. Installing a backup generator will help you remain comfortable during power outages.

Using Old Equipment

Outdated equipment and appliances, such as space heaters, ranges, and similar equipment and appliances, are common causes of house fires, especially during the holidays. If your heating appliance that is five years old or older, it is considered outdated and needs to be replaced immediately.

Preparing Your Home for the Winter

Before you start planning and preparing for the holidays, hire a residential electrician to check your home for faults and other instances that can compromise your family’s safety, and cause extensive damage to your home. You need to make sure your smoke detectors are working correctly, and there are no issues with your hot water and lighting system.

Bowie Electricians

Hiring a residential electrician to inspect your home regularly is the best way to keep your family safe and protect your home from mishaps, such as fires. Contact NJ Electric Services to ensure you and your family are safe during the winter. We look forward to helping you.

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