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Affordable Energy Saving Light Bulb Options

Are you looking for a way to save energy? If so, there are various options when it comes to energy-saving lighting. While it can be difficult to discover which option is best for you, we’ll break the options down so it’ll be easier for you to make an educated decision. And if you need a skilled residential electrician near Silver Spring to install new lighting, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at NJ Electric Service.

Three Types of Lights to Choose From

LED bulbs, halogen incandescent light bulbs, and CFL bulbs are all energy-saving lighting options. LED bulbs are the most popular as they save people around 80% in electricity costs while offering impeccable lighting. You can expect them to last 50,000 hours and shine brightly in cold and warm climates, making their expensive price tag worth it. Halogen incandescent light bulbs run on bromine rather than nitrogen-argon and can save you up to 25% of energy. They’re the best option for those looking for a light similar to traditional bulbs and are known for their high efficiency, durability, and illumination. They’re best used for lamps with dimmers, and they’re available in colors such as soft white and natural white. CFL bulbs are identified by their spiral shape. They use the same technology as fluorescent bulbs while requiring less electricity and being more compact. You can expect them to last up to 10,000 hours. The cons of CFL bulbs are they’re not as bright as LED or halogen bulbs which means they’re not ideal for cold climates, entryways, outdoor settings, or other areas where direct light is needed. Another downside is they contain mercury which means you have to dispose of them correctly or else they’ll wind up in landfills. The best way to choose the right lighting for your home is to contact a residential electrician in Silver Spring such as NJ Electric Service.

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Discover NJ Electric Service! We’re a licensed and insured commercial and residential company serving the Washington D.C Metro Area. Our services include lighting systems, remodeling, and power distribution systems. Give us a call, so we can discuss your electrical needs today!

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