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What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a useful way for you to detect any problems within a building in relation to energy efficiency, or lack thereof. Energy management is a great way to control costs and comfort and the energy audit can help the business to prepare and save energy as much as possible. Energy audits can be done by an electrician in Silver Spring, but you are going to want to know more about it before you move forward.

What Do Energy Audits Do?

The purpose of an energy audit is to determine how the building uses energy–and where improvements could be made. Here are a few things that these audits can determine:

-Energy Usage Levels

You will be able to find out the current energy usage within the building, including a cost breakdown. Any auditor will analyze elements that go into energy usage and pinpoint areas that are using a lot of energy.

-Consumption Deficiencies

The auditor is going to go through the building and inspect anything that uses energy, or could cause energy loss. They will look at the HVAC system, insulation, lighting, and so on. When they look at these items, they will have recommendations to make to you later on.

-Energy Efficiency Improvements

No building is perfect when it comes to energy efficiency and the audit will be able to point out where energy is being wasted so then you can turn around and make changes to improve the overall efficiency of your building. This will save costs, but it will also improve the work that certain appliances do.

-Create An Energy Management Plan

Energy audits are supposed to help buildings long-term. They can help you to prioritize small changes and work towards larger changes that will improve the energy usage of the building overall.

Consult With An Electrician in Silver Spring

If you’d like to look into an energy audit, whether you have a commercial space or are looking into designing one, the professionals at NJ Electric Services can help. An electrician in Silver Spring will help you to go through the building bit by bit to ensure you use and don’t lose energy that is costing you money.

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