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Summer Electrical Safety Tips You Need to Know

Summer is the perfect time to hang out by the pool and enjoy the warm weather. However, keeping a few safety tips in mind is always important to avoid potential accidents. Always staying inside during a thunderstorm and avoiding powerlines is essential to your safety. Staying proactive by ensuring your appliances are working efficiently is also a good idea. You can always reach out to a local residential electrician in Silver Spring if you encounter in electrical problems.

Here are a few simple electrical safety tips you need to know for the summer.

#1 Pool Safety
Taking a swim during the middle of summer is always a fun activity for kids. However, keeping electronic toys away from the water is critical for safety. Electricity can quickly travel through water, which can lead to significant injuries or even death. Discussing these dangers with your kids is a great way to stay proactive and avoid a tragic situation.

#2 Potential Outdoor Hazards
Many people enjoy flying kites or using a model aircraft to operate in the sky. Always doing these recreational activities away from power lines is essential to staying safe. Going to a park or a wide-open area free from power lines is a great way to have fun without jeopardizing your safety.

#3 Indoor Safety Tips
Electrical hazards can arise at any time and cause significant damage to your home. Becoming familiar with your circuit breaker is a good idea in case you are ever dealing with an emergency. Routinely checking your major appliances is also an excellent way to stay proactive. For example, you should never use extension cords for these appliances due to the risk of a fire. You can schedule yearly maintenance services with an electrician in Washington, DC, for additional safety.

Contact a Residential Electrician in Silver Spring to Learn More
NJ Electric Services is a company that works with a wide range of customers in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of electrical safety, as we take pride in always delivering top-quality work. Our team is available to answer any of your questions, as we focus on providing the best customer support.  Reach out to NJ Electrical Services at any time to learn more about the importance of using a residential electrician in Silver Spring!

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