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Reduce Your Rental Property’s Carbon Footprint – Commercial Electricians Share Top Upgrades to Make, Now!

Looking for commercial electricians near Potomac to help you reduce your property’s carbon footprint? Do you own a rental property and are looking for ways to upgrade in order to raise your property’s value? With the addition of smart home systems and eco-friendly appliances, your prospective tenants will surely be impressed.

Did you know that hundreds of dollars are wasted on energy consumption annually? Residential energy consumption is the third largest use of energy in the U.S. and 35% is wasted. The good news is it’s possible to reduce these rates as well as your rental property’s carbon footprint with electrical upgrades.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Appliances for Your Rental Property

Landlords have the opportunity to leave a positive and long-lasting impact on the environment by choosing to have eco-friendly appliances. Eco-friendly appliances are energy-efficient and are made to use as little energy as possible while doing their job.

Refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, and washing machines make up 30% of the monthly energy bill charges. By choosing energy-efficient appliances, you will conserve energy and natural resources such as gas, oil, and water, and save money.

Additionally, most people searching for a property to rent prefer it to be energy-efficient and will pay the extra dollars for it. This means that by having eco-friendly appliances, you are increasing your chances of renting the property.

Increase the Value of Your Rental Property with Commercial Electricians Near Potomac, or the Surrounding Areas

By replacing older appliances with new energy-efficient ones, replacing old wiring, and adding new lighting fixtures, it makes the unit safer, has a high-end feel, increases its value, and you can potentially charge more since tenants will be saving money on electricity.

Additionally, if you are considering selling your rental property any time in the near or distant future, these upgrades can help make the sale more appealing to potential buyers. Between the relief of not having to make major upgrades, and the understanding that tenants will consider the property more high-end, buyers could be more likely to make the purchase.

Commercial Electricians Near Potomac Work with You to Upgrade Your Property

Get in touch with a local electrician to discuss necessary upgrades to your appliances, energy-saving and eco-friendly options, and perform an energy audit to see where your property currently stands in terms of energy usage. Once your electrician reviews this information with you, you can work together to create a plan for your property’s upgrade.

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